For Investors


Sleevenote is currently a bootstrapped startup, our two founders Tom and Chris are based in East Kent in the UK (1.5hr from London).


We have a combined experience of over 20 years in the areas of the music industry, digital music distribution, digital products, apps, and interactive desktop and mobile experiences.


Sleevenote shipped the unique feature of interactive music artwork in 2013 and was the first and still only product to create a UX around full album art presentation. We've built powerful creator tools for artists and are the only product offering a true blank canvas near-full screen presentation of music releases.


We spend all the spare time we have on building, supporting and developing new ideas for Sleevenote as well as speaking with artists, labels and designers, and as a result we suck at trying to get investment. But we'd love to grow a truly art-driven music presentation platform, contribute to the many improvements needed in music consumption and build some truly awesome things. If you think you can help us email us