About Us


We are a team of two, an ideas-product-designer-musician guy Tom and a software-developer-build-anything guy Chris, working on Sleevenote in our own time.


Sleevenote launched as an iOS music player app in 2012, since then it has been through a transition into a openly accessible web based artwork platform.


In 2020 we embarked on the ambitious project designing a music player device. Our crowdfunding goal was unsuccessful but the dream of building hardware lives on. More on that project here.


Going forward we continue to nurture relations with labels, artists and designers in order to make the most compelling product possible for industry and fans alike.



The Team



Tom Vek


Tom is a trained graphic designer and DIY recording artist. He has released four albums. After looking at his parents record collection as a kid, he was determined to become a graphic designer. When the digital transition separated a lot of graphic design from music releases, Tom dreamed up Sleevenote as a platform for both showcasing the legacy of album art and providing a new platform for releases going forward.


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Chris Hipgrave


Joining Tom in 2017, Chris is a software developer with a background in producing interactive experiences for some huge brands you've definitely heard of. Chris has worked on rebuilding the iOS app, creating prototype software for hardware devices, building a robust design tool and launching a fully compliant web player, utilising multiple DSP APIs.


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Email us hello@sleevenote.com


If you are interested in investing in our progress please visit our For Investors page